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My name’s Stan, I’m a Sole Trader from Sydney Australia and I like to buy ETF’s, REIT’s and other investment products.

I first started buying shares in 1999 which was pretty much the beginning of online share trading in Australia, but it was also the time a lot of failed IT companies started and listed on the Stock Exchange. I unfortunately bought a lot of shares in new IT companies at the time and learned the hard way to be more cautious with my investments. I now take the time to learn about new investment products before spending any money on them and for now, I also stay away from highly volatile investments such as Cryptocurrency, Forex or Binary Options.

What I’ve done with this site is to curate all the “Stock and Bond Investment” Private Label Rights (PLR) articles I have and organize them in an easy to use and logical manner, with more articles’ being added after I’ve read them to make sure they’re well written and relevant to this site.

Hope you find the site useful, and thanks for visiting.

Stanley E Kennedy
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